Women’s Sexy Weapon:The Suspender

The suspender is a very popular sock. The style of the suspender is very sexy. It has a simple and easy to remove back button design. It belongs to the category of underwear, but it can be worn inside and outside, which can well show the charm of women.

What is the suspender?

Sling socks are socks made up of suspenders and stockings. They are very sexy and feminine. The suspenders of suspenders are generally made of elastic or silk belts, with the lower end fixed on the hose tube of the stockings and the upper end tied on the belt of the underpants.

The suspender has the function of preventing stockings from slipping. Because people’s legs are getting thinner and thinner from top to bottom, because the lower ones are thinner than the upper ones, the stockings will loosen easily. In addition, the rolled stockings have a certain weight, and the stockings begin to slide. The suspender of the suspender is tied to the sock mouth of the stockings, and the upper end is tied to the edge of the lower hem of the belt to prevent the stockings from slipping.

Different from stockings,the suspenders have decorative suspenders. The stockings are very common stockings. The suspenders are the combination of suspenders and stockings. With the element of suspender, suspenders have a very sexy and charming effect. The style of stockings is still academic, which is more suitable for students to wear.

Development history of suspender

In Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, aristocratic men at that time were dressed in gorgeous and exquisite clothes. They decorated the sock mouth with lace and the outside of the knee with a bow knot. Since the 19th century, the popularity of trousers has completely replaced silk stockings as men’s lower clothing. Men’s garters can only be found in history textbooks.
Like silk stockings, garters are very feminine today.

The popularity of tights and stockings made people almost forget the existence of garters. However, in recent years, fashion stage designers have repeatedly exposed garters. It is not uncommon for garters to fly all over the world at the fashion conference. In the style of underwear worn outside, which was once popular in the 1990s, it was used as a sexy prop and was deliberately hidden under the high skirt.

What are the advantages of suspender?

The back buckle design of suspenders is simple and easy to remove, which is convenient and flexible to wear. The waist circumference and suspender design can be adjusted, and the length can be adjusted at will. It is suitable for women of all heights and waist circumference. The suspender material of suspenders is changed from rubber products to flexible and flexible Lycra. The decorative hollowed-out lace is interspersed with it, and the appearance with complex structure is easy to cause sexy effect.

How to wear suspender?

First put the sling on the waist, and then put on the lower half of the long tube stockings. Align the position of the sling with the position of the sock mouth. Each sling has a clasp that is fastened to the clasp of the sock mouth. After both sides are sorted out, adjust the length of the sling. The suspender belongs to the category of underwear, but it is now popular to wear it outside.

The wearing method of suspenders is actually very simple, and has a great relationship with personal dressing habits. Some people like to put the sling on the inside side of their underwear, which will be particularly convenient when going to the toilet. There are also some people who like to wear underwear first, and then tie the suspender on the waist of the underwear, which is also understandable.

Matching tips

If you want to show your charm and sexy, when wearing suspenders, you should match your skin color and dress. If the skin color is darker, try to wear some colorful suspenders, which can add points to the image. If your skin is white and your figure is tall, wearing a black coat and a black suspender will not only make you slim, but also make you look taller.

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