With The World Cup in Full Swing, Sales of Football Socks Are Booming

Football has always been its unique charm to harvest the hearts of countless men and women. With the support of the country for football in recent years, this year is the World Cup year, the world will focus on the quadrennial football tournament known as the world’s highest honor, the highest standard, the highest competitive level, the highest visibility – the World Cup. The football population is growing rapidly, and the passion for the game is even higher. In order to be more professional and safe to carry out this sport that requires a lot of use of the foot, the most basic configuration, jersey, football shoes, football socks. The least impressive is football socks, but it has to be said that the key factor. The more subtle the experience, the better the experience.

In grassroots football, due to sponsorship and funding problems, most teams buy and distribute jerseys and socks by the team. Socks are secondary to them and they will only wear them if they can play a basic protective role. But in the eyes of professional players, the importance of the choice of football socks is much higher. “A good pair of socks can help a player get the best out of the game.” It can bring detailed foot sticking experience, excellent foot feeling, rapid perspiration, breathable, quick drying and non-slip functions make people pay more attention to. A small pair of socks has a lot of knowledge. Next, win, who has many years of experience in exporting socks, will introduce it in detail.

What are the benefits of wearing professional football socks?

1. Protect the calf, is the most important, to prevent calf abrasion;
2. At the same time, it is for the installation of leg pads, and it should be made into a long tube;
3. Football socks are thick, the foot in the shoe friction, impact resistance is good;
4. Wear ball socks to tighten the leg muscles and make them more concentrated.
5. On the field, the socks of the two teams are usually different colors, so players can more easily distinguish between friend and foe during the scrimmage;
6. It is convenient for the referee to distinguish the legs of the double players and improve the accuracy of the penalty.

Mainly protective effect:

Wrap the leg guard plate

It is a piece of tile-like protective gear ranging from 25 to 30 centimeters long and 5 to 8 centimeters wide. It is fixed in front of the shin of the calf through the Velcro buckle, so as to prevent the calf of the player from colliding with the shoe studs of the opposing player in the game. The leg protective gear with the stocking plays a secondary fixing role. In addition, it can also be used with ankle guard.

Protect the skin

Prevents players from bruising their legs when they go down or tackle the ground during play.In addition, some players use it to better anchor their calf muscle groups and feel more comfortable with power. Of course, this is a secondary aspect.
Other players did not like the bondage of stockings. They wore them short and even rolled them to their ankles. Such as: Inter veteran Marco Recoba, Arsenal winger Alexander Hleb, they have a footwork, perhaps the stockings will limit their magic stroke!
Today, stockings have become a part of the landscape on the football field, along with the uniforms, showing the different characteristics of each team and sports brand.

What are the precautions for wearing football socks?

1. Professional players’ socks are usually made of lycra cotton, but the price is too high. Generally speaking, socks with towel bottoms are the most cost-effective. For ball socks, there is no real sense of pure cotton ball socks. Generally, the cotton yarn content of ball socks is about 60% to 85%. Socks need a certain degree of elasticity, which must be added to the elastic fiber (usually spandex) during the weaving process. Such as Lycra (in fact, a DuPont company of spandex) is the best material for skin, generally not the whole pair of socks are Lycra ingredients,(many socks are noted only sock mouth). Socks, heels and rims are often made of artificial fibres for reinforcement and elasticity, which together amount to about 15-40%. So when we say pure cotton (100% cotton) socks, we mean that the yarn is 100% cotton except for elastic fiber and sling silk.

2. The thickness of socks is not necessarily related to foaming. Wearing two layers of socks is more likely to slip, and the feet are naturally more likely to blister.
3. It is best not to use the washing machine to clean the socks, which will make the socks lose elasticity, and do not soak them for more than 20 minutes.

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