Who Imports and Wholesales Socks from Chinese Sock Manufacturers?

China’s sock manufacturing industry ranks well in the world. Importers from many countries are attracted to China and give priority to China. The groups that import and wholesale socks from China can be divided into the following five categories.Let‘s take close look at it.

Who are the five major groups that import socks from China?

1.Amazon Seller

Nowadays, online shopping has become a mainstream. People’s acceptance of online shopping is improving. With the advent of the Internet era, the penetration rate of online shopping has increased dramatically, which has become an irreversible trend. The advantages of online shopping are obvious. For buyers, it is simple and convenient, saves shopping time, and online products are more affordable; For the seller, it can save the cost of the store rental fee and so on. In terms of online shopping covering the whole world, we have to mention the well-known cross-border shopping platform Amazon.

According to the latest data, in Amazon’s sock category, the monthly sales volume of the products with the first sales volume can reach nearly 200,000. The demand of consumers has led to a sharp increase in the number of Amazon sellers. How to choose a suitable source of socks for sellers? Importing from China is a good choice. As China has abundant labor resources, socks exported from China are usually of good quality and low price, and they have price advantages on online shopping platforms. Therefore, many Amazon sellers will choose to import and wholesale socks from China.


2.Supermarket Buyer

There are many large supermarkets that we are familiar with, such as Wal Mart in the United States, Carrefour in France and Metro in Germany. In fact, many of the socks sold in these supermarkets are imported wholesale from China. Generally, large-scale supermarkets pay more attention to the supply capacity of suppliers because of the large number of stores and wide distribution, and the large volume of goods required.

That is, the equipment and production capacity, technical force, management and organization capacity and operation control (such as the textile and clothing quota held by the supplier) of potential suppliers. These factors are intended to consider the supplier’s ability to provide the quality and quantity of required materials and whether the supplier can provide relevant services continuously and stably. China’s manufacturing industry is world-famous, and in the face of COVID-19, it can take timely measures to quickly control the epidemic. Compared with other countries, China’s suppliers are more resistant to risks. They can ensure the timely delivery of goods and complete orders in time, which has won the trust of large supermarkets.

3.Socks Distributor

Refers to merchants who purchase goods from enterprises. They do not buy goods for their own use, but sell them again. They only sell them after passing through the hands. They focus on the interest margin, not the actual price. As an important link in the sales channel chain from the enterprise to the terminal retailer, the dealer plays a very important role in the market.

Moreover, dealers can obtain the most market information. What they value most is the profit that socks can generate, and they are highly sensitive to information. They have rich experience in sock wholesale. Chinese socks with good quality and low price are also the first choice for such dealers to import socks.


4.Professional Buyer

Professional finger buyers are people who specialize in the following professions: people who travel around the world, pay attention to the latest popular information, hold large orders in their hands, keep in touch with suppliers, organize goods to enter the market, and meet different needs. It is mainly divided into two categories: brand buyers and shop buyers. Among them, the brand buyer is dedicated to one brand, and the store buyer is responsible for purchasing goods of different brands for the department store retailers.

Buyers are very familiar with fashion trends, fashion rules, fashion consumption and market, and predict future trends with sensitive and forward-looking eyes. Therefore, they pay more attention to the style and innovation of socks and packaging style when importing socks. Having access to the design team that can create models will make it easier for you to choose the design you really like

5.Store Retalier

Retailers refer to the middlemen who sell goods directly to the final consumers. The basic task of retailers is to serve the final consumers directly. In terms of location, time and service, it is convenient for consumers to buy. It is also a bridge connecting manufacturers, wholesalers and consumers, and plays an important role in the distribution channel.

In daily life, the convenience stores, storage stores and professional sock stores we are familiar with are store retailers. They are usually not as large as supermarkets, but they are also very popular with consumers because of their unique characteristics. Due to the limitation of their own scale, store retailers usually choose suppliers with moderate scale in China. It is a good choice to have a minimum order of about 2000.

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