What the qualification a good wholesale sock supplier usually have?

There are many certificates of hosiery manufacturers you can see.Some of them are universal in the world, and some are effective and recognized in some fields. The certificate is a good guarantee for the quality of socks. In this article, we will introduce the knowledge about the certificate of socks in detail. I hope it can help you. Here are some common certificates for socks industry. Of course, sock manufacturers do not need to have all the following certificates. Different buyers have different needs and requirements.

BSCI:Business Social Compliance Initiative

BSCI is to advocate the business community to comply with the requirements of social responsibility organizations. The company uses BSCI supervision system to continuously improve the social responsibility standards in its production plants around the world.

BSCI aims to implement a set of unified procedures to monitor and promote the social responsibility performance of companies producing related products through continuous improvement of development policies. Many European brands and retailers such as C & A, ESPRIT, Metro Group and OBI have recognized BSCI certification.

BEPI:Business Environmental Performance Initiative

BEPI provides a single system to promote enterprises purchasing various product types and improve their environmental performance in the supply chain. Through cooperation with participating enterprises and stakeholders, providing bepi can collect and share information, and guide and evaluate environmental performance at the plant level.

BCI:Better Cotton Initiative

BCI was registered in 2009 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It has more than 400 member organizations worldwide, mainly including cotton planting units, cotton textile enterprises and retail brands. BCI membership system is divided into four categories: retailers and brands, suppliers and manufacturers, producer organizations and civil society. Retailers and brands include Nike, Adidas, puma, Decathlon, Walmart, fast retailing, UNIQLO, Zara, Jack Jones and so on.



It is one of the world’s most famous eco textile labels for testing harmful substances. It provides a guarantee for the ecological safety of products, meets the requirements of consumers for a healthy life, and represents the trust of consumers and a high degree of product safety.


SEDEX is a non-profit organization headquartered in London, UK,. SEDEX has won the favor of many large retailers and manufacturers. Many retailers, supermarkets, brands, suppliers and other organizations require manufacturers cooperating with SEDEX to participate in the smeta to ensure that their operations meet the requirements of relevant ethical standards. The audit results can be recognized by all SEDEX members and shared by them, Therefore, the supplier’s acceptance of SEDEX factory inspection can save a lot of repeated audits from customers.

Support buyers: most of them are British retailers, such as Tesco, John Lewis, marks and Spencer Martha, Sainsbury’s, the body shop, wairose, etc.

ISO 9001

ISO9001 is used to prove that the organization has the ability to provide products that meet the requirements of customers and applicable laws and regulations, with the purpose of improving customer satisfaction. As the third certification party, it is not controlled by the economic interests of the production and marketing parties. It is notarized and scientific, and is the passport for countries to evaluate and supervise the quality of products and enterprises; As the basis for customers to audit the supplier’s quality system; The enterprise has the ability to meet the technical requirements of its ordered products.

All enterprises that have passed the certification have reached the international standard in the integration of various management systems, indicating that the enterprise can continuously and stably provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products.


Nowadays, in addition to the necessary qualifications, retailers are paying more and more attention to social responsibility, not just profit. The United Nations global convention requires companies to abide by ten basic principles in four aspects: human rights, labor standards, environmental impact and anti-corruption.

Pay attention to whether the sock factory you choose complies with these social responsibility principles. Although this does not mean the hard power of a company, it reflects the corporate culture to a certain extent.If you have any questions about the wholesale of socks, WIN@TEX  will be glad to answer them for you.


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