What Is The Cost Price of Varicose Socks? How To Distinguish True And False Varicose Socks?

Due to the influence of long-term bad living habits and work pressure, the number of young people suffering from varicose vein diseases has begun to grow explosively. In view of this phenomenon, many young people around us have improved their health awareness and started a model of active disease prevention. Varicose veins are a disease with high incidence in recent years. Many office workers who sit in front of computers or teachers who stand for a long time will buy varicose socks to prevent varicose veins in lower limbs. So, how much is the price of medical varicose socks? Now let’s take a look at the knowledge of the purchase of varicose elastic socks!

What is the cost price of varicose socks?

The medical varicose elastic stockings are mainly divided into three grades: the first grade low pressure prevention and health care type (15-25mmHg), the second grade middle pressure initial treatment type (25-30mmHg), and the second grade high pressure moderate treatment type (30-40mmHg).

Level I pressure: mainly used to prevent varicose veins, suitable for people who sit for a long time, such as teachers, nurses, flight attendants, etc;
Level II  pressure: mainly used for the treatment of superficial varicose veins, suitable for people with slight edema and fatigue in the legs;
Level III and above pressure: mainly used for the treatment of moderate and deep varicose veins, mainly used for severe venous and vascular processes in the legs, pigmentation in the legs, and severe edema in the legs. Or people who need rehabilitation before and after surgery.
The price of varicose socks varies from 10 to 200 dollars according to different types on the market.

 How to distinguish true and false varicose elastic socks?

1. Check the pressure value

General silk stockings and fake thin leg stockings have no pressure. Most of them have good elasticity, but they can’t talk about pressure at all. In fact, pressure and elasticity are two different concepts, but they are easy to be confused. Genuine thin leg socks and varicose socks should have a pressure value of at least 10 mmhg. Only when this pressure value is reached can the ideal effect be guaranteed. Genuine thin leg socks and varicose socks have a pressure value even in the thinnest place. The highest pressure value of Taiwan’s genuine thin leg socks reaches 48 mmhg, which is impossible for ordinary silk socks.

2. Pressure design

Thin leg socks and varicose socks are designed according to sequential decompression, and each position has a certain pressure. The pressure value of genuine thin leg socks should be the maximum at the ankle. The pressure gradually decreases from the calf to the thigh to the waist. For example, the pressure value of genuine thin leg socks and varicose socks is 360D, so the maximum pressure at the ankle reaches 38mmhg, and then decreases upward in turn, and the pressure at the lower leg is 27mmhg.

Finally, the pressure at the root of the thigh becomes 16mmhg, and only this sequential decompression design is truly consistent with the principle of human venous blood flow, which is really conducive to the smooth return of venous blood. However, there is no such thing as fake thin leg socks. The whole thin leg socks are tight, hard, and the hooped legs are uncomfortable. If you wear them for a long time, it is also easy to cause leg diseases such as thrombosis. Therefore, WIN@TEX  reminds you not to covet cheap fake goods, which is closely related to human health and should be distinguished.

3. Check the material

Only material is the basis of quality, and only high-quality and special materials can ensure sufficient pressure. At present, many excellent thin leg socks and varicose socks are made of Lycra yarn produced by DuPont, which is a special spandex fiber. Its effect is absolutely superior to spandex, and its elasticity and other indicators are quite suitable for making pressure socks. Of course, some pressure socks are made of traditional elastic fibers, Its performance is mostly inferior to that of elastic stockings made of lycra fiber, which are woven with traditional elastic fiber
The pressure of the thin leg socks can generally reach 25% of the pressure of the thin leg socks woven with Lycra fiber, and better reach 40%.

4. Look at the knitting process

Because the design of sequential decompression requires very high manufacturing process, and of course, it also requires high equipment. In addition to the special process required for pressure design, pressure socks also need to bear a lot of forces from pulling, pulling, lifting, stretching, etc., so varicose socks also need very good durable performance, which also requires high requirements for weaving process. Many authentic products use the double line knotting hexagonal weaving method, This can ensure the pressure characteristics and anti snagging wire characteristics.

5. Check the local details of socks

Thin leg socks and varicose socks, in order to better assist in realizing their important functions, have been used in many positions of socks, with special treatment, such as heel thickening, hip lifting and abdomen closing, crotch ventilation, independent design of socks heel, etc. We can see these clearly through the naked eye.


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