What is the Best Way to Pay My Chinese Socks Supplier?

Many importers struggle with a question: what is the best way to pay Chinese socks supplier? In fact, the answer is not unique, because each payment method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and is affected by many factors, such as the amount of the order. Next, we’ll discuss these payment methods.

1.International wire transfer

Telegraphic transfer is a remittance method in which the remitter deposits money in the remittance bank. And the remittance bank sends it to the destination bank or agency bank by telegram, instructing the remittance bank to pay a certain amount to the payee.

Wire transfers are widely accepted by buyers and sellers because they can be sent directly to the recipient’s account. But the processing fee is higher, and the recipient may also have to pay some fee when receiving the money. Since the time limit for international wire transfers is usually 3-5 working days, the beneficiary also faces the risk of currency exchange rate fluctuations from the date of order payment to the date of receipt.

When you establish an order relationship with a new socks supplier, you can negotiate better TT payment options. For example, you can pay a 30% deposit when placing an order, and pay the remaining 70% deposit after quality inspection and shipping.

International wire transfer Socks Supplier

2.PayPal to Socks Supplier

Many businesses in western countries are familiar with this payment method. The advantage of this method is that the payment is fast. But the charge fee is higher. Some customers’ 30% deposit is usually remitted via PayPal.

But most Chinese socks supplier don’t like to use PayPal. Because PayPal charges extremely high fees for transferring money to China. It is also not easy for suppliers in China to withdraw money from their Paypal accounts.


In this payment method, the secured third-party platforms hold the funds that the buyer agrees to pay to the supplier and only remits the payment to the seller if the buyer confirms it. For example, the “trade assurance” service on the Alibaba platform is called third-party escrow service.

Escrow protects the interests of buyers and sellers. Buyers can avoid being scammed by sellers who don’t ship once they receive the money. Sellers are protected because they have a guarantee of payment from the buyer if the goods are delivered as promised.

For buyers, the disadvantage of Alibaba Trade Assurance is that you can only choose socks supplier in Alibaba. Because not all socks suppliers sign up for Alibaba’s service. Besides, you need to pay the full payment first.

Socks Supplier

4.Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit is a conditional payment guarantee issued by the bank. The bank emphasizes the written certification that the letter of credit is separated from the basic trade when examining the documents.

For the payer, it is necessary to pay a part of the deposit when issuing the L/C, and pay the full amount only when the documents are obtained. The financial burden is much lighter than the advance payment. But the process is very cumbersome which require a lot of documents.

Letters of credit are best suited for large companies with high order volumes, as the thin margins of smaller companies may not be able to offset the high cost of letters of credit. Most factories won’t even consider using L/C on shipments under $5,000 because it creates additional risk for them.

5.Western Union

Western Union is one of the more traditional foreign trade remittance methods. This payment method has fast arrival time and high security. But most buyers avoid this payment method. Because it doesn’t provide them with any payment protection, and their charge fees are very high. Also, the fee per transaction is not suitable for small remittances, which is not conducive to protecting the interests of buyers.

When you send money via Western Union, you will be given a money transfer control number, which you then pass on to the recipient. Anyone with that number can pick up your money at a Western Union branch. But if that person then disappears with your money, neither you nor Western Union can do anything.

Socks Supplier

6.purchasing agent

This is a surefire way to pay suppliers if you have a trusted sourcing agent. But you need to check whether the purchasing company will charge you for this service on top of the purchasing fee.

The advantage of paying socks supplier through a sourcing agent is that you can deal with like a domestic company, without having to take all the associated risks of sending money to a company somewhere in China. If it is for a new socks supplier, the purchasing agent can also review the qualification of the supplier first to reduce your risk of fraud.


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