Top 3 Best Chinese Socks Sourcing Guide

There are more and more sock brands appearing in the market for which socks sourcing is a necessary and very challenging task. The effectiveness of chinese socks sourcing directly affects the company’s performance. That’s why we have written this article to provide sock brands with a sock-sourcing guide.

1.Why Sourcing Chinese Socks?

Socks are textiles that are worn all year round and therefore the sock industry occupies a very important position in the manufacturing market. China is one of the largest manufacturing areas in the world. According to statistics, about 58% of the socks in the US market come from China. Therefore most countries in the world choose to come to China for Chinese socks sourcing.

2.What to pay attention to when sourcing Chinese socks.

  • The quality of socks

    If you want to compete in the sock market successfully and win customers, you need to import quality socks into your business. Good quality is the only way to retain customers in the long run.

  • Sock material

    There are many types of sock material, you need to choose the appropriate sock material according to the positioning of your sock brand. Some factories are limited in the materials they can use to knit socks and are not skilled in producing socks that require the use of particularly good materials. You need to consider this aspect and choose a factory with experience in this area.

  • The cost of socks

    The ultimate goal of sourcing socks is to make a profit. Therefore, we must balance the quality of the socks and the wholesale price when purchasing them. Never lower the quality of the socks for the sake of cost and lose a lot for a small amount.

  • Safety of socks

    Health is wealth, and it is essential to avoid buying poor-quality socks when sourcing chinese socks. Some unscrupulous sock factories will take the extreme step of using unhygienic production processes with less environmentally friendly raw materials to make a profit and produce socks that are harmful to the body. Therefore, when purchasing, you must take the initiative to monitor the factory with the production process at the factory and ask the factory to provide a certificate of compliance for relevant quality and safety tests.

3.How to do Chinese socks sourcing

Socks Sourcing

  • China’s direct sales sock manufacturer

    Chinese direct sales sock manufacturers are factories that operate throughout the country. They do not involve any third party. You can contact them directly for chinese socks sourcing. Some factories also provide sock customization services. You can make your request on demand.
    However, there are also a variety of good and bad factories among them. Therefore, as a buyer, you must first investigate the suppliers or the target factories to know their corresponding situation beforehand, study the socks they produce, and check the quality manually. Based on the results of the investigation, choose a quality and suitable supplier, so that you can accurately find higher-quality socks.
    If you find it too time-consuming to do your research on the factory, you can choose a foreign trade company or a Chinese agent.

  • Wholesale Socks Supplier

    These are third-party sellers. You can think of them as middlemen who visit quality sock factories instead of you. Usually, they buy socks from factories and sell them to brands at wholesale prices. If you trust them, they can help you with the appropriate inspection work, but generally, the socks purchased from the wholesaler will be a bit more expensive than going directly to the factory. So, it all depends on your own choice.

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