Three Things You Need to Know about Floor Slippers

In the cold winter, I believe many people will choose to wear thick indoor floor socks and slippers.

Then in this article, we’ll introduce floor slippers, if you want to know further Knowledge about floor socks, please view another article on our website.

Advantages of floor slippers

Comfortable and lightweight

Compare with the hard-sole cotton slipper, floor slippers have light and non-slip soles, so you will feel more soft and comfortable while walking around the house.

Protect the floor surface

Cotton slippers have hard soles, so they will scratch the floor while floor slippers have soft soles which can protect the floor surface. The black sole is more resistant to dirt.


Traditional cotton slippers do not have a heel, while floor slippers are basically designed with a heel, which has a better effect of keeping warm and is convenient for walking.


Floor slippers non-slip point plastic soles to prevent you from slipping on smooth ground and protect you and your family’s safety.


Types of Floor Slippers

Floor slippers can be divided into knitted wool and fleece according to fabric classification.

Knitted wool fabrics generally include acrylic, nylon, polyester, feather yarn, chenille, etc.

Acrylic slippers

Floor Slippers


Floor Slippers

Fleece fabric generally includes flannel, coral velvet, super soft, PV velvet, imitation rabbit fur, etc.

PV velvet

Floor Slippers

Sequin embroidery

Floor Slippers

Imitation rabbit fur

Floor Slippers

The process of pattern

There are various forms of pattern expression on floor slippers, such as digital printing, thermal transfer printing, foam printing, flocking printing, gold and silver stamping, etc. There are also conventional embroidery, appliqué embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, beads Piece embroidery, towel embroidery, and other various embroidery techniques.

You can also combine printing with embroidery to make the floor shoes look more beautiful.

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