The Most Popular Socks Printing Techniques

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to design personalized socks. However, businesses should not ignore the issue of quality while printing socks. Because an eye-catching piece of artwork printed on your promotional socks might do half the job, but not if it’s uncomfortable to wear. That’s why the right printing technique is so important.


Sock Printing Techniques

While many other garments, such as T-shirts, hoodies and jackets, can be personalised using traditional screen printing methods, socks are less suited to this technique. This is because, by their very nature, socks must always be comfortable and breathable. Screen printing leaves a plastic-like film on the fabric that cannot withstand the daily pressure that socks are subjected to and does not allow moisture to escape, which can make the wearer’s feet slippery.

It is for this reason that our factories choose different printing methods when making bespoke socks, depending on the type of sock, the material and the design. This blog will explain the three most popular methods of sock printing: Jacquard fabrication, dye sublimation and 360-degree printing.


Jacquard fabrication

In fact, Jacquard fabrication is the most basic and oldest of these three methods of sock production. Interestingly, it does not even involve any printing at all. Its main operation step is to knit together different coloured threads to create the desired pattern, resulting in very attractive results when working with simpler or more classic designs. For example, the common Argyle socks in life are always knitted in jacquard knitted fabric. However, this method is not always applicable. If you want to incorporate complex images or designs into your personalised socks rather than simple geometric patterns, jacquard fabrication may not be the best choice for you.



Dye sublimation

Dye sublimation is a more modern sock printing technique than the former. It uses the chemical process of sublimation to give designs directly to the sock material. Sublimation is the process whereby a solid is directly transformed into a vapour. In the creation of socks, the solid involved is ink, which is placed in solid form on a sheet of transfer paper and then transferred to the desired fabric under high temperature and pressure. This method helps to print more complex patterns than traditional knitting techniques and reduces the likelihood that the design may crack or corrode over time. Don’t underestimate this advantage, it is important for socks that are worn daily and are prone to wear and tear. So relatively speaking, the dye sublimation method is best suited to synthetic fabrics and not to cotton or natural blends of socks.


360-degree printing

This method of 360-degree printing is very similar to dye sublimation. This is because it only works with synthetic materials and also uses the process of sublimation to obtain incredibly detailed results. The difference between the two is that 360-degree printing is the exact process of transferring the ink to the sock itself. As the name suggests, 360-degree printing uses a wrap-around sock-making technique that allows the printer to print a selected image, design or pattern onto the sock by stretching the material around a cylinder or mould of the human foot, while seaming. So in this respect, 360-degree printing should be the most advanced method of printing personalised socks. This is because it allows extremely intricate details to be achieved with minimal seam visibility. In summary, 360-degree printing is the most suitable method for demanding details.


Socks Printing Techniques


Ordering personalised socks

Building an order begins with a sock design, which includes choosing a pre-designed background or uploading a logo and specifying your preference for a custom printed background. Production of custom dye sublimation socks can take two to three weeks.

A gentle reminder: Once you have received your order, you can care for your socks by machine washing them without bleach. And for best results, lay your socks flat to dry or dry at a low temperature.


If you need personalised socks, you can be confident in choosing our team. We are equipped with the most professional equipment, technology, and experienced staff. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will also be on hand to answer any questions and offer any advice you may need.


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