The Most Complete Sock Production Process

What is the sock production process

1. Knitting: The process of knitting raw materials into sock embryos by machine.
2. Sewing head: It is the process of sewing the sock tip: parting sewing, mechanical sewing (automatic), computer automatic sewing head, bone-piercing.
The quality factors include the way of sewing head, the quality and color of sewing head thread, and the operation level of workers.
3. Internal sewing head: after folding the sock head part, sew it in the sock tube, and hide the sock head interface, similar to the hemming of the sock foot.
4. Dye: dye the embryo socks with the required color.
5. Shaping: fix the shape of the embryo sock according to the foot shape with temperature and pressure.
6. Packing: add the outer packing to the sock embryo.

Introduction to the production process of different socks

There are many processes from the raw material entering the factory to the finished sock leaving the factory. Each process must be carried out in accordance with certain methods and requirements under certain conditions.

The whole process is the sock production process. The production process of sock factory must be formulated according to the performance of raw materials, requirements of finished products, equipment used and other conditions. Reasonable process can shorten the production cycle and achieve the goal of high quality, high yield and low cost.

Sock Production Process

Before the product is put into production, it mainly goes through the following steps: sample, duplicate sample, approval and production. The processing process of raw materials includes dyeing before weaving, and weaving before dyeing. The process is determined according to the conditions of products, raw materials and equipment.

At present, most cotton stockings and elastic nylon stockings are dyed before weaving, while plain cotton stockings and nylon stockings are woven before dyeing. Taking four kinds of socks as examples, the production process is briefly listed.

Colored cotton socks
Raw materials for stranding → scouring → mercerizing → dyeing → winding → rib weaving → hosiery weaving → inspection → sewing → inspection → hosiery ironing → finishing → finished products leaving the factory.

Elastic nylon stockings
Twisted raw materials → dyeing → winding → knitting → hosiery → inspection → sewing → inspection → shaping → finishing → delivery of finished products.

Cesium cotton socks
Canned raw materials → winding → knitting → hosiery → inspection → sewing → inspection → dyeing → hosiery ironing → finishing → finished products leaving the factory.

Nylon stockings
Canned raw materials → knitting rib →rib setting →hosiery →inspection →seam head → inspection→first setting→dyeing → second setting → finishing → finished product delivery.


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