The European Best-selling Sock Is Unexpectable in This Winter

This year, the “bare leg artifact” thermal pantyhose has been snapped up in the European market. Many thermal pantyhose manufacturers in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, China are working overtime to catch up with orders. The orders waiting for delivery have been scheduled for next May. It is reported that in previous years, European consumers preferred thin pantyhose, but this year they asked for plush pantyhose to resist the coming winter.

What is the “bare leg artifact”?

The bare leg artifact refers to the silk stockings similar to leggings. Because they are similar to the skin color and look like bare legs from a distance, they are called the “bare leg artifact” by netizens. While keeping warm, it can match clothes of various styles, fashionable and versatile. There are mainly two kinds of bare leg artifacts on the market. One is a double-layer, with the inner layer of thin velvet and the outer layer of silk stockings. After wearing it, it will show a visual effect of bare legs; The other is a one-piece skin tone base sock. The bareleg effect is relatively poor after wearing it.


The popular bareleg artifact in Europe comes from China

In October 2022, the bareleg artifact became popular in Europe. So far, the sales volume has achieved 137% month on month growth. Women from Holland, Germany and France are most fond of this “magic silk stockings” made in China.
Due to the lack of energy this year, Europe will face a very cold winter. How cold is winter in Europe?
Europe is located in the northern hemisphere, in the middle and high latitudes north of the equator, and basically in the north of the Mediterranean. It receives less solar radiation all year round, lacks light, and has low temperature. In addition, Europe is low-lying. Affected by the cold air flow from the polar regions, Europe is very cold in winter. Europe is also surrounded by the sea on three sides, with the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. It is strongly influenced by the sea all year round, with humid air and cold winter.
The bareleg artifact, which had already sold well in China, is also sold abroad and is loved by people all over the world. If you want to import this kind of bareleg artifact from China, what should you pay attention to and how to choose the best one? As an experienced sock supplier, we will carefully explain to you.

Selection of thickness of bare leg artifact

When buying base socks, have you paid attention to the text description of 100D, 400D or 3000D on the outer package? In fact, “D” is the abbreviation of Denier, a measurement item, and is the size unit of nylon, silk and other fiber materials, representing the weight of fiber per 9000 meters. Therefore, the higher the D value, the thicker the pantyhose.

Its thickness is specifically divided as follows:

Ultra thin type: 6D, 8D, 10D, 12D, 15D, 20D.
Medium thick type: 40D, 50D, 70D, 75D, 80D, 100D, 110D, 120D, 150D, 180D, 200D, 280D.

Thickened type: 300D, 380D, 400D, 500D, 600D, 700D, 800D, 1000D, 1200D, 1500D, 1600D, 1800D, 2000D.
Super thick type: (single layer thickening) 2200D, 2400D, 2500D, 2600D, 2800D, 3000D, etc.
Normally, 3D-20D is suitable for 25 degrees; 80D-300D is suitable for 15-25 degrees; 300D-600D is suitable for 10-20 degrees; 700D-900D is suitable for 5-15 degrees; 1000D-2000D is suitable for 5-10 degrees.


Three points to avoid when purchasing bareleg artifact

1. The color is unnatural.

Many light leg artifacts generally have two colors: “light skin tone/white temporary skin tone” and “dark skin tone/natural skin tone”. Unless you are very, very white and cold white, you should never overestimate yourself and buy a white skin tone. Because it will be very white, but it is actually just false white, which is one of the reasons why light leg artifacts become ‘artificial limbs’. ” The dark skinned bareleg artifact produced by many suppliers is not quite right, and generally tends to be yellow or gray.

2. The texture is unnatural.

Some of the thin silk stockings outside the bare leg artifact will reflect light. The other part of the matte non reflective light leg artifact will make the legs look strange. “Because the skin of the knee part is more or less a little deeper than that of other places, and the bone of the knee part is not flat, it will look unnatural when it comes to thick and completely matte bare leg artifact.”

3. The folds are unnatural.

No matter how natural the bare leg artifact is, it has the disadvantage that the knees and ankles are prone to wrinkles. Especially when the knees are bent, there will be wrinkles unless they are super thin silk stockings. This is also the most unnatural point of the bareleg artifact.


How to select pantyhose ?

The pantyhose on the market basically gives people smooth and dark visual effects. At present, dark side pantyhose with fried dough twist pattern and matte are more popular, after all, they look low-key and thin. Of course, the smooth surface material is also good. It can bring a sense of expansion visually, and looks more sexy and energetic, but it is more suitable for girls with thin legs.
In terms of style, pantyhose can be divided into four types according to length: long tube, nine part, foot stepping and foot connecting. The stockings are divided into upper and lower knees, and wear them to reduce the age. However, it is suggested that girls with weak legs and fat legs should not choose.
Most tights are made of nylon, spandex, etc. For girls with sweaty feet, socks made of cotton, wool and rabbit hair are suitable. It is more suitable to choose nine point pantyhose and foot pantyhose with cotton socks or wool socks.
Girls with small heels should try to avoid buying pantyhose or pantyhose with tight feet, otherwise it is very easy for bareleg socks to move to ankles when walking. Footwear is more suitable, but when selecting, we should pay attention to the tights with thickened tips and soles.


In addition to the “bare leg artifact”, the eight piece autumn clothes and trousers, flannel pajamas, hot water bags, hand warmers, heaters, electric blankets and turtleneck sweaters, which are also called China’s winter eight piece set, have also been “sold out” in Europe.

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