The Epidemic in China Is Coming to An End, Sock Factories Are Back to Work

In order to help enterprises resume work and production, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, we have formulated a number of reasonable factory management systems at the first time to help manufacturers do a good job in the service work related to resumption of work. At present, more than 170 local sock enterprises have fully resumed work, and the resumption of work of other sock enterprises is also continuing.

Let’s take a look at the resumption of the factory。













On July 25, workers of Ningbo Greentime Co., Ltd., located in Ningbo Zhejiang , rushed to make socks in the workshop to complete foreign trade orders.













The staff on the production line are operating the hosiery machine.













The staff unloaded the raw materials for socks just arrived from the truck.













The staff are busy in the sock production workshop.














The staff are sorting out the raw materials of socks to be exported to Russia.













The staff selects yarn for hosiery proofing.

The epidemic in China has been well prevented and controlled, so you don’t need to worry about the delivery date of the goods. If you are willing to wholesale socks from China, you can contact us.  WIN@TEX  have many years of experience in exporting socks and are very happy to serve you.


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