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Whether you are a professional sock wholesaler or a person in charge of shopping at supermarkets, you should understand that basketball socks have great market potential, which all stems from people’s love for basketball. Working people at the age of 40 and teenagers who have just entered junior high school are all keen on playing basketball. And basketball is a more intense sport, and people’s feet are easy to be injured. In order to protect their feet and better play their sports potential, people will also pay more attention to the choice of socks. Moreover, due to intense exercise, easy wear of socks and other reasons, the replacement rate is also high, and the product cycle is short. Basketball socks are a good choice for imported socks.

Reasons for choosing basketball socks

Improve performance

Every player should want to improve his performance. You are training hard every day. If your performance improves slightly, it will help you win the game. The correct and unique basketball socks will increase the cushioning and support of your feet, so that you can perform well on the court.

Provide additional protection

Ordinary socks do not provide much protection when you jump from the soles of your feet or land on your heels. In fact, ordinary socks are exactly the same from top to bottom, covering only the general foot, but there is no additional protection for the key pressure points of the foot.

One of the most important examples is watching LeBron James in the locker room before the game. James is one of the best players of all time and is often seen adjusting his socks to make sure they fit. Thickness is important to basketball players. If LeBron wears thick socks, you know there is a reason for this.


Three points a good pair of basketball socks should have


When playing, comfort is the most important thing. If you are not comfortable playing, you will be one step behind other players. The best basketball socks to prevent blisters have the following characteristics:thick fabric,filling of key influence areas and non slip.

Wearing comfortable socks allows you to stay longer in the game without worrying about blisters or sore feet.

Protect knees

The knees are important. Although socks can’t protect your knees from injury, they can help your foot pads, so that when you land from a jump, some impact will be absorbed through the socks.

It’s always a good thing when you can eliminate the impact of joints.

Fill in the most important places

Socks generally do not provide additional padding to absorb critical impact areas of the foot. If your feet have calluses or blisters, custom socks can help alleviate these problems, far better than ordinary socks.Custom solutions add padding to the heel and sole to make jumping and landing more comfortable.

WIN@TEX is a well-known socks brand of NINGBO GREENTIME CO., LTD. Being a famous trader of socks and related products, we provide a range of custom basketball socks for you. We will provide you with the following services:

Super high quality

When you customize, you choose the best socks. Ordinary socks will not provide the same level of quality as basketball socks. On the contrary, when you purchase customization, you will enjoy very high durability and incomparable quality.

The socks produced in large quantities can not withstand the strict requirements and fierce use of socks by athletes. Because basketball players’ feet are constantly moving, they must have the highest quality socks.

Design it yourself

Custom socks are not just ordinary and boring socks that most people are used to. Instead, you can customize your socks and choose your own color and logo. This is something that many other Chinese suppliers can’t do, and we have a professional design team with this strength. You can put forward any unique opinions and ideas about socks, and we will try our best to meet your needs.


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