Slipper Socks —— What You Need to Know

Slipper socks, as the name implies, are generally worn on indoor floors as a type of socks that replace shoes. With these soft-textured slipper socks, you’ve got a pretty comfy little sweater for your feet.

slipper socks

Customizable material for slipper socks

Different from ordinary wearing socks, slipper socks are generally woven with special yarns, such as acrylic yarn, polyester yarn, and there are many kinds of yarns that can be used for slipper socks weaving, such as twill yarn, chenille, Taihu fleece, feather yarn, jet yarn And so on, the feeling of different yarns and the effect of weaving are also different. According to the different thicknesses, it can also be divided into double-layer socks and single-layer socks to meet different customer needs.

slipper socks

The unique production method of slipper socks

The production of slipper socks is generally divided into weaving-sewing-dispensing-setting (required for some styles) and other steps. Weaving can be divided into flat knitting weaving and circular knitting weaving according to different techniques and styles, and the woven pieces presented are completely different. The number of stitches of socks woven by the two weaving methods is also different. The number of needles on the flat knitting machine is 2.5GG, 3GG, 5GG, etc., while the number of needles on the circular knitting machine is 56N, 72N, 84N, 96N, etc. Because it is worn indoors, anti-slip glue will be attached to the bottom of the slipper socks to increase friction, and the anti-slip design allows you to walk freely. The glue can be dots, squares, or other logo patterns, which can show the brand culture. Some styles, such as single-layer socks, have been steam-set for a more rigid shape.

slipper socks

The characteristics of slipper socks

The finished slipper socks will undergo different types of tests according to customer needs to ensure their quality, safety, and environmental protection.

At the same time, various styles of slipper socks add a touch of color to home life, from infants to teenagers to adults, can meet the needs of people of different ages, and are also loved by consumers. It’s perfect for lounging and relaxing at home whether it’s day or night.

slipper socks

Using a fine needle when sewing makes the stitches tight, durable, and very warm. Wear a pair of soft and warm slipper socks in the cold winter and bring you happiness and contentment throughout the cold season!

At present, there are some derivative products of slipper socks or slipper socks that are sold together with other household products, such as home slippers, knee pads, home clothes, eye masks, etc., with various combinations and choices, which can fully improve the comfort experience of family members. A sock in the foot, comfortable life!

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