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6 high quality Diabetic Socks manufacturer

 OEM Diabetic Socks manufacturer 

Material: Bamboo

Design: Could customized or do our design

Supply Type: OEM service;

Package: Customzied or do our generally packaging

Sample Time: 7-10 days

Delivery: 30-40 days after sample confirmed

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Product Description

High quality OEM Diabetic Socks manufacturer


As an experienced manufacturer of diabetic socks, we have over 20 years of experience in making socks.

Our high quality diabetic socks are loose and elastic. The width of the sock opening can be maintained at 25cm or more. The sock opening can be loosened to prevent the foot from being squeezed. Professional Diabetic Socks manufacturer produce high quality socks. So the tightness of the sock opening is appropriate to prevent edema and other discomfort caused by the tightness of the sock opening. It is designed to meet the needs of diabetic patients.

Diabetic Socks manufacturer

The antibacterial function of diabetic socks is also very important. Our Diabetic Socks can kill most of the foot bacteria, protect the foot from bacteria and add an invisible protective net to the foot.

We use green and non-polluting environmental bamboo fiber. It has the advantages of good moisture absorption, strong breathability, soft touch, natural environmental protection,antibacterial, etc. It can keep the feet dry for a long time and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Warmth is also important for diabetic patients and warm socks can protect the feet from frostbite.

Diabetic socks are smooth and do not rub the feet. Diabetic patients lose sensation due to vascular disease causing ischemia and peripheral neuropathy in the extremities. Smooth non-abrasive socks protect the skin of the foot from abrasion, so diabetic socks require hand-to-mouth headstitching.


We have 20+ years of experience exporting socks. We are more willing to to build a long-term stable relationship. We regards our customers as close friends and family so please just tell us what you need directly. Please provide details like size, weight, destination port and etc., so that we can quote the best price for you.

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