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Unlimited Material ptions:Cotton;Bamboo,organic and etc. Excellent cushioning and a soft, comfortable fit.

Feature: Quick-drying DRY technology,odor control,deodorizing,Cushioned pile fabric for a comfortable fit.

Design & Size & Package can be customized for you.

Sample Time: 7-10 days

Delivery: 30-40 days after sample confirmed

Product Description

Hot sale Bespoke Ankle Socks

These customizable ankle socks are a great choice for summer, providing a breathable and dry environment during everyday activities. They are made of the soft cotton blend with the touch of spandex for an ergonomic fit. Reinforcement in the heel and toe provides additional protection in high-impact areas.

Ankle Socks

We use the highest quality combed cotton for our socks, which makes our socks more durable. Weaing these soft ankle socks, your feet will feel comfortable all day , and you won’t have to worry about the socks falling off. These durable ankle socks are breathable and soft.These socks provide a pleasant wearing experience all day. Reinforced toe and heel further prevent socks from breaking. The revealing low cut allows your feet to be completely invisible in all types of shoes, fully satisfying your daily wear.

Ankle Socks
All these ankle socks are designed for comfort and quality, and most of them feature moisture-wicking fabrics to keep your feet breathable and dry, reinforced heel and toe for durability, some are even odor-resistant. These customizable socks will cover your entire foot, just below your ankle. For those hot summer days, many people opt for socks with less coverage. They are great for low-top sneakers and other casual shoes.


We have 20+ years of experience exporting socks. We are more willing to to build a long-term stable relationship. We regards our customers as close friends and family so please just tell us what you need directly. Please provide details like size, weight, destination port and etc., so that we can quote the best price for you.

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