One of The Most Famous Socks Production Bases in China —— Datang Town

Where are the sock production bases in China? There are many places in China where socks are produced, but the following three places are mainly famous: Datang, Zhuji, Zhejiang, Liaoyuan, Jilin and Lishui, Fushan, Guangdong. This article will focus on the town of Datang.


Geographic Location

Datang is located in the middle of Zhejiang Province, south of Hangzhou Bay and southwest of Zhuji City, the hometown of Xishi, at the intersection of Hangzhou-Jinhua Line, Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway, Zhejiang-Ganxi Railway and Shaoda Line. Datang is about one hour away from Hangzhou and half an hour from Xiaoshan International Airport, with a superior location, convenient transportation and beautiful scenery.


Socks Production Bases


Introduction to Economic Condition

Pillar Industry

Datang is a big industrial town in Zhuji City, which has formed an industrial pattern with the socks industry as the leading industry and the spring, machinery and weaving industries developing together, and is known as “the hometown of Chinese socks” and “the famous town of Chinese socks“. In the hosiery industry, there is a saying that “Datang’s hosiery machine rings and the world has a pair of hosiery”. As the pillar industry of Datang, the hosiery industry has been established as the world’s largest socks production base and one of the most growing industries in Zhejiang Province in the 21st century.

In 2006, the entire Datang hosiery area had more than 10,000 hosiery enterprises, producing 11.9 billion pairs of socks annually, generating an output value of 25.6 billion yuan, achieving sales of 25 billion yuan, accounting for 65% of the country’s output and one-third of the world’s output, achieving a profit tax of more than 2 billion yuan, and completing The value of export delivery was 8 billion yuan, of which 363 million US dollars were exported on its own. It has established a pivotal position in the country and the world.

Datang hosiery industry has now formed a complete industrial chain including chemical fiber, sock weaving, dyeing and finishing, marketing, transportation, etc. Throughout the whole process of hosiery production, this industrial chain makes the factors of hosiery production highly concentrated, and the cost of resource allocation has been greatly reduced, and there are nearly 100,000 sets of various types of hosiery machines, including more than 40,000 sets of high-grade computerized hosiery machines with international advanced level, and more than 20,000 sets of supporting equipment for the front and back channels, and some of the hosiery industry The equipment, supporting equipment and key technology of the hosiery industry have reached the international advanced level.


sock production bases


Brand Influence

Datang sock is an overall brand, and the brand “Datang” has already made its mark in the international market. So far, it has a Chinese brand name, Danjiya, and a number of provincial and municipal famous brands such as Buren, Hongyun, etc., more 30, and gathered a large number of domestic and international well-known brands. Datang people put forward the slogan of “brand-driven strategy”, using the valuable intangible asset of “Datang Hosiery Industry”, making every effort to cultivate famous brand enterprises, striving to build a characteristic international famous brand, making Datang a collection of world-famous brands in the hosiery industry.

Datang town was named by the provincial government as the trademark brand base of Zhejiang Province’s hosiery industry and is now actively declared the national hosiery brand base. This undoubtedly cast an invisible century brand for Datang, greatly enhancing the influence and market competitiveness in China and even in the international market, thus providing a comprehensive brand support force for Datang’s scientific development, bigger and stronger and longer!



Datang Light Textile and Socks City opened in 2001 with a total investment of 210 million yuan, covers an area of more than 400 acres, with a construction area of 120,000 square meters, is a collection of light textile raw materials, finished socks market, socks machine accessories market, joint consignment market and exhibition, tourism, shopping in one of the largest comprehensive city of socks trade and commerce in China, the annual effectiveness of 8.5 billion yuan, among the province’s top ten market martyrs, was named the top 100 markets in Zhejiang Province market, the regional key market of Zhejiang Province, and four-star civilized standard market of Zhejiang Province.


Since 1999, Datang has successfully held four consecutive China (International) Hosiery Fairs. The fifth China International Hosiery Fair will be held in Datang Light Textile Hosiery City from October 10 to 12, 2004, and “a pair of socks will go around the world”, Datang is therefore attracting the attention of the world.



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