Fashion up!Men Also Need to Match Their Socks

In fact, socks are the same as the clothes we usually wear. We should wear the right things on the right occasions. Don’t feel like your socks are inside and no one will see them, so just wear a pair for granted. So how can we wear it to make it feel fashionable all over when we roll up trouser legs?


men's socks

To be fashionable, the first thing is to be comfortable.


For this kind of close-fitting wear, people like to choose cotton. But as you know, cotton is a material with no elasticity. If you really use pure cotton to make a pair of socks, this is absolutely impossible. For a pair of normal socks, there will be spandex, nylon, and other elastic materials to ensure the sock’s comfort. Generally speaking, a pair of socks that contain up to 70 percent cotton are considered good cotton socks.


And some sports socks cotton content will be lower, but it is not to say that the material is not good, but cotton this material is not easy to dry after the sweat. For sports, socks are always wet is not good news. In addition to cotton, but also can we choose wool socks, with respect to the warmth of nature is taller than cotton socks.


men's socks


Choose socks light to choose material is not enough. In fact, there is a point we often ignore– the size of socks. Socks are stretchy, but they come in their own sizes. If you buy too big, your socks will swim in your shoes; Buy too small, will not wear for long, and it is estimated that there will be a big hole. How to choose a pair of socks of the right size is explained in detail in previous tweets. If you are not familiar with this aspect, you can find it in this article named ‘Sock Size Chart —— Socks Wholesaler’s Guide’.


Use material and size to choose right, basically, a pair of socks can be fashionable and comfortable. So here’s the question.


men's socks


How can fashion refer to socks?


Here are a few life scenarios to tell us what socks to wear.


Let’s start with the more serious black-tie scenarios of interviews, meetings, and work.

It’s really easy to pick socks in this scenario, just black, cotton socks. You know, this is when men are fighting for intelligence, and if you wear fancy socks, you don’t really look smart.


men's socks


And this situation, on the contrary, the same is to wear a suit, but some more entertainment occasions, similar to the cocktail party ah, exhibition ah, or wedding and so on, often can pick out a little on the color choice. At the same time, the color of the socks should be the same as the color of the shirt and tie, not too far out, although it looks colorful, but not obtrusive visually.


In everyday wear, I think don’t choose black socks. Black can be depressing, but a little too serious. If you want to show off, but are naturally reserved, like me, dark shades like navy are your safest bet.


men's socks


Of course, if you think this solid color is a bit dull, there’s no problem putting a bright color on your socks. Do the same with the old suit, find some color to match your outfit so it looks natural.

A little more advanced collocation is to follow the overall style, the prerequisite is, that you have to have a dress style first. And if you’re a rock ‘n’ roll teenager, then stockings with exaggerated patterns are your thing.


men's socks


Basically learn that wearing socks on a regular basis won’t be a big problem.

Pull up your trouser legs.

Get in style!


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