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You will also be happy to learn that we have unlimited yarn options for all our customers. Whether you need organic combed or mercerized cotton, bamboo, wool, or any other kind of materials for your socks, all you need to do is specify this in your order. When a client emails their socks design or ideas to our team, they are assured of a quick response from our dedicated team.

Wholesale Knee High Socks

Over The Past 20 Years, We Have Been Focusing On Wholesale Socks

      WIN@TEX is an experienced knee high socks supplier and we supply knee high socks to all over the world over 20 years. We support customizing package, logo, OEM and ODM. Our trusted team can’t wait to help you and your business. If you want samples for quality reference, just feel free to contact me any time.


  Knee high socks are similar to sports socks, which can keep cold and warm and promote blood circulation in the legs.

  It is s good choice when ladies want to wear skirts in cold spring and autumn or early winter.

  Wearing Knee high socks can also make your legs look better and make skin smooth and delicate.

  Some people who stand and work for a long time may have varicose veins,so wearing elastic knee high socks is a good solution. It not only can help blood enter larger and deeper veins but also can reduce the risk of thrombosis.

  Generally speaking, the color of Knee high socks and shoes must match, and the color of Knee high socks should be slightly lighter than the color of leather shoes.

  For women with a history of skin allergies on their legs, they should choose Knee high socks with cotton or good breathability.

  But whatever which material you want, we can do customize design. We are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of knee high socks in China. We wholesale customized or OEM knee high socks for all ages.

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Sales & Purchaser & Designer & QA & QC. Over 90% staffs have more than 5 years experience. We consider from customer's position, solve problems for customers.



Professional merchandiser team,one-on-one following orders.



Dvp sample with customer together,provide pp sample/package sample/production sample for every order.



Professional QA/QC team, 3 inspections (1st inspection-when factory gets raw materials, 2 nd inspection- when processing mass production and the 3rd inspection-when 90% mass production completed ).



1. Professional sourcing team.
2. Professional R & D team.
3. Willing to develop new products together with customer.



Our group company sellerunion cooperates with more than 10,000 merchandise factories, it can help us in making gift sets ( combined socks with other items in a beautiful packaging ).

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