How to Find China Sock Suppliers and Manufacturers of Walmart Supermarket

As we all know, China is a power with best manufacturing industry.There are so many sock manufacturers in China, you must feel difficult to find the best one. In fact, the key to choosing a sock factory is to choose one that suits you, not the bigger the better, nor the cheaper the better.To know which is best for you, the following points are crucial. Let’s take a look at how Wal Mart which is the world’s famous large supermarket chooses its sock suppliers.If you master them, you can largely choose the manufacturer you want.

How do world famous supermarket Walmart choose sock suppliers?

In order to ensure stable and reliable quality, Walmart will consider many factors before buying. Based on experience, I will include the answers in the following aspects.

Quality control system

The system is very important for products. Walmart will always care about the operation mode of the system to ensure the quality of socks. They want to know how independent the quality control line is, how the personnel structure is, and whether they are able to ensure the quality of goods.

Own complete production line

The complete production line in your own factory means that all operations are under your control. It can monitor products in real time and deal with emergencies in time.

Outsourcing any part of the production line means potential risks. Many immature small Chinese sock factories now outsource many parts of their production lines.

Anti risk ability

Whether suppliers and retailers should be considered regardless of the size of the factory and the size of the order to withstand risks. Under normal circumstances, the order volume accounts for less than 1/3 of the factory output value,and both sides can bear the risk.

Ability of collaboration

Collaboration is very important to complete orders in a timely and effective manner. After placing an order, communication is inevitable and necessary. Therefore, the ability to cooperate and follow up orders is very significant for business personnel.


Why can Greentime become the supplier of Walmart ?

Lower MOQ

If you purchase a small number of products, the factory is generally not willing to help customizesocks.We can help you coordinate with the factory, or find our local sock factories to customize the private lable and packaging for you in small batches.

Fair Price & Multiple Packing Solutions

Generally, the socks and packagings provided by factories are more expensive, and they have fewer sock style and packaging solutions for you. We have our own design team to offer you multiple sock style and packaging solutions, and fair price to fit your needs.

1 By 1 Check

The sock factory only focus on their products, and they won’t use extra labor to help you do extra things. We have our own warehouse and workers. We will check the product quality 1 by 1 and pick out the products with quality issues to ensure the defective rate of products is extremely low .


There are many logo-making process, we can offer the right logo-making solution for you based on your budget, MOQ, and product materials.WIN@TEX  can print logos and customize packaging for your products to differentiate them from your competitors’ products.Our design team will offer you multiple solutions, and our agents will help you find a factory to complete them with a good price.


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