Do You Know Knee-High Socks That Are Popular With Girls

The knee high style was first popular in the 1960s and 1970s, when it was popular to match small skirts, especially with girls’ uniforms. Decades later, the publication of No Clue made knee length stockings a popular trend (1995). Girls all over the world aspire to be Cher Horowitz. She wears knee high stockings almost every time. Although Britney Spears popularized this style in her music video recording for Baby Again in 1999, when she wore socks over her knees again, the real spark appeared. Whether you go to boarding school or miss the 1990s, we will provide you with the ultimate guide on how to wear knee socks this year.

What are knee-high socks?

Frankly speaking: stockings are socks that exceed the ankle. These socks come in three different lengths to accommodate people of different shapes.

 Socks above the knee/calf are socks a few inches below the knee.
 Knee socks are a few inches above the knee.
 Socks with high thighs will reach half the thighs.

Wearing stockings in winter is essential to keep feet and legs warm. The first thing to learn to wear stockings is to choose a pair of socks. Let’s discuss the details of how to wear high socks, because there are several factors to remember.

How to wear knee-high socks with jeans?

Warm up by putting socks on your jeans. High thigh socks are a good way to keep warm and cover up in winter, but they need to be worn over jeans. These socks are a great fashion accessory to pair with skinny jeans. Socks can be worn on jeans provided they are thin and soft enough to prevent bunching.

What shoes do knee-high socks wear?

 If you are looking for a more sophisticated and provocative choice, then a pair of high heels is the best choice. Choose flats for a more low-key look. If you go out at night, the water pump may bring you sensory touch.
 Wear sandals and socks to look casual. Flat shoes with socks are a great choice for daily activities, including running errands, going to school and socializing. You can choose a pair of classic neutral flats, or decorate them with buckles or studs.

 Ankle boots are a good and adaptable footwear choice. You can match a pair of ankle boots with knee socks and put them on or off. Pair with cocktail skirt or shorts and shirt for an elegant look.
 Wearing knee high stockings and knee high boots is a bold fashion statement. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, you can consider a pair of boots a few inches shorter than socks (5.1-7.6 cm). If you like, you can roll up the socks to add a beautiful detail.

Where can I buy custom knee-high socks?

WIN@TEX now allows you to create your own custom knee socks. These hand made knee high hats are very versatile, suitable for any activity and any clothing. No matter how many miles of shoes you wear, their custom knitted socks will remain soft and soft. In addition to making customized socks with logo, they also provide the option of adding personalized design to the socks to show your team enthusiasm as you can imagine.

It is unique in many aspects, including low minimum order quantity, simple order process and fast turnover. Before you design an ideal pair of knee socks, they will provide personal attention. Because of this unique combination, they can quickly produce personalized socks.

Whether you are a big fan of high knee socks, looking for new ways to exercise, or curious about trying them for the first time, you can find various options in our guide to learn how to wear high knee socks. When it comes to the number of clothes to wear with stockings, you will be spoiled. This year, both sexes may adopt this style and run in their own unique way.


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