Detailed Explanation of The Most Wanted Questions About Wholesale Customized Socks

1. What is the process of making socks in China?

Browse website contact or email offer ->business communication ->scheme design ->fabric confirmation ->price accounting ->agreement approval ->sample preparation ->confirmation of sending samples ->batch production ->packaging and delivery ->acceptance and payment

2. How to determine the style of socks?

If you have a ready-made style, we can make it according to your ready-made style: if you don’t have a style, please tell us the detailed requirements of the sock style, and we can give you some pictures of the sock style for reference, or our design team can specially design a pattern that meets your requirements.

3. How do I know the price of my customized socks?

Price is the most important issue for every customer. To know the price, you need to know the following parameters to confirm the price:

(1) Sock style

(2) Requirements for sock accessories: including requirements for printing embroidery, patterns, sock packaging, etc

(3) Sock fabric (this is the main factor of the price)

(4) Order quantity (the more the quantity, the lower the cost, and the lower the price);

(5) Delivery date and other factors.

4. How long will it take for customized socks to be delivered?

Generally 15-20 days. The specific delivery date depends on the style and quantity of the customized socks.

5. What socks can your company customize?

We are a professional sock company. We can make the socks you need according to your requirements, including sports socks, silk socks, wool socks, medical socks, etc.


6. Why do you need customized socks?

(1) Customizing socks for your employees will help establish the corporate image system and improve the cohesion of the employees of the enterprise or institution

(2) If you sell it yourself, the unique style and packaging create a unique brand culture and enhance brand awareness

(3) Durable quality, designated fabric type, durable

(4) Unified purchase of raw materials, mass production, low production cost

7. What advantages does your company have? Why choose “WIN@TEX” company?

Unconditional recall of defective products

Promise to unconditionally recall products with quality problems (including products with wrong order processing), whether in batches or single pieces.

Does not dissatisfy a customer

Although we continue to pursue group customized socks, it is difficult to make every customer satisfied at one time, but we will finally make every customer satisfied through perfect after-sales clothing.

24-hour response

For various requests from customers, we will come up with solutions within 24 hours.

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Meet your personalized needs

We have cooperation with many sock factories. We can communicate with them to customize your socks and strive for the best price for you

After sales service is tracked until the next order

The wearing of socks is of a long-term nature. In order to ensure the interests of customers, our after-sales service has been tracking to the next time customers order socks (whether they buy our products next time or not)

Free socks consulting service

Customers can ask for any advice about socks through the sales staff, the company’s customer service telephone, the company’s website, and anyone in the company will provide you with free consulting services. We will solve all the difficulties you encounter in socks import.

8. What kind of services do you have?

◆ Pre sales service:

1. Professional customer service personnel, face-to-face pre-sales consulting services. Provide fabrics and products that meet customer needs to the maximum extent.

2. To ensure that the size is appropriate or for customers to choose, our company specially orders some socks samples for your company, so that customers can really feel the appropriateness of socks and choose the best size and style for their own socks.

3. Prepare sufficient spare materials for your company to prepare for the production and use of spare socks when the quantity of your company’s order changes in the future.

◆ After sales service:

1. We will arrange a suitable domestic freight forwarder for you.

2. Our company can provide long-term supply services for your company to meet your replenishment needs in a timely manner.

3. In order to ensure the consistency of the socks ordered, we will keep the fabric, style, specification, version and other ordering information of the socks ordered on file for a long time. When you need to order the same socks again, just contact us.


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