Chinese Socks Wholesalers Teach You How to Choose the Right Socks According to the Functions

As a well-known sock manufacturer in China, WINATTEX has visited many sock wholesalers that we have cooperated with. They have a very deep understanding of customers’ habits, and they know very well how to choose socks that suit them according to their functions.

Don’t underestimate the importance of socks. Sometimes it’s the style, color, and material of a small percentage of your socks that can affect the quality of your life and even the way you are perceived by others. But what do we need to do to wear the right socks when we go out? We have already introduced the materials and types of socks, so today’s article will talk about the right socks for different people.


Business People

Business people need to wear leather shoes and high heels for long periods of time, so there is a certain amount of care that goes into choosing socks. When choosing socks for men, the elasticity of the cuff should be moderate. The best length for socks is one that stretches to the calf so that you can squat, sit down or even raise your legs without exposing your calves; socks should be plain and dark, without any patterns, and the best texture is cotton. For women, you can choose stockings in glass or velvet, generally in flesh tones, black or grey, and without patterns. It depends on the workplace and the dress code.


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How should I choose a pair of socks that are suitable for sports? We can select socks concerning these four principles:

Firstly, we should choose cotton texture, cotton material is soft, sweat-absorbing, and feels comfortable to wear;

Secondly, the socks should have good elasticity. Socks with good elasticity are ambidextrous and not easily slippery. When choosing socks, look for a break in the elastic fibers of the socks’ loops, if so, you should never buy them;

Thirdly, decide on thin or thick socks according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, people whose feet sweat easily should choose slightly thicker ones; conversely, choose slightly thinner ones. Also, if you have an ankle injury, you should wear thick socks, which will fix and protect your ankle.

Finally, special socks should be worn to participate in certain sports. For example, football socks are very high-waisted and are intended to protect the lower legs, which must not be neglected during sport.


Older People

Older people need to wear socks that are ventilated and have good moisture permeability, which facilitates the evaporation of foot sweat. In terms of material, bacteria multiply on socks in the order of polyester, nylon, wool, cotton yarn, and silk. Therefore, when choosing socks for older people, give priority to cotton and silk socks. In winter, older people are not as energetic as young people and are more afraid of the cold than young people, so it is important to choose thick, warm, and flexible socks, usually medium thickness wool socks.



Cotton socks are best for babies. However, there are currently no pure cotton socks available, so the higher the cotton content the better. When choosing socks for your baby, parents should look carefully at the label, as it is generally better to choose socks with a cotton content of 65% or more.


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Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, women can choose short socks or loose cotton socks. On the one hand, these socks are very absorbent; on the other hand, they are less likely to slip. The socks must not be too tight, otherwise, the venous return will be obstructed to the point of making the pregnant mother’s already swollen legs and feet even more swollen. In addition, pregnant women can choose to wear elastic socks, which come in three types: pantyhose, half-socks, and long socks. They have special features: an elastic compression weave that expands the thighs and a reinforced return weave from the calf to the top of the foot. These are effective in preventing varicose veins in pregnant women and also have a slight medical function.



For diabetics, it is important to choose the right socks to wear. As we all know, diabetes itself is not terrible, it is the complications that are frightening, and the diabetic foot is one of the more common of the many complications. This is why diabetics can choose the right medical socks for them.

It has the following characteristics: loose and elastic socks; antibacterial effect; moisture absorption and perspiration; warmth function; smooth and non-abrasive feet. To sum up, a pair of diabetic socks have the above five basic functions.

When choosing diabetic socks, in addition, light-colored socks should be chosen because diabetic patients lose their sensation due to vascular lesions leading to limb ischemia and peripheral neuropathy, and patients often do not even notice when their feet are injured and bleeding, while choosing light-colored diabetic socks can detect wounds in time and reduce the danger.


We hope that after reading this article, you will be better equipped to choose your socks.

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