Chinese Sock Customization Guide

As a “accessory” that accompanies your feet every day, a pair of good socks can really affect your mood. “A person’s taste depends on his socks.” It can better reflect a person’s living habits from the details.How to customize socks that meet your needs can probably refer to the following aspects:

1、 Material

The quality of a pair of socks is very decisive. When you choose socks, you don’t need to listen to the colorful propaganda of the supplier, just look at the ingredients.
Main ingredients: “cotton”, “bamboo fiber”, “hemp fiber”, and various animal hair fibers such as “wool” and “rabbit hair” are common in the market. Theoretically, the higher the main ingredients are, the higher the cost of socks will be, and the more comfortable they will be to wear;
“Polyester fiber”, also known as “polyester fiber”, is also used as “nylon” or “nylon”: synthetic fiber, which is used to enhance the wear resistance of socks, and the content is generally between 15% and 20%;
“Elastic fiber”, also known as “spandex”, also uses high-end “Lycra”: elastic fiber, which is used to increase the elasticity of socks. The content is generally 3% – 8%. There is no doubt that this can make socks full of elasticity.

The most common sock in the market is made of cotton yarn, which is the most traditional material and also the most tested material. According to the difference of yarn count and textile process, it is divided into “combed cotton” and “ordinary combed cotton”. If there is no special indication of combed cotton on the label of general ingredients, it is ordinary combed cotton.

“Combed” refers to a kind of textile process. It is the yarn formed after the impurities in the cotton yarn are cleaned by a specific machine and then reorganized. Therefore, the combed cotton socks will be more textured and durable than ordinary cotton socks, and the price will be higher. Many people like socks made of 100% cotton. In fact, it is impossible to buy socks made of 100% cotton in the market because the cotton yarn itself has no elasticity. Socks made of 100% cotton yarn have no elasticity. Like a piece of cloth, they are uncomfortable to wear and do not wear.

The “polyester fiber” and “elastic fiber” mentioned above need to be added to increase wear resistance and elasticity. Generally speaking, if the content of cotton socks exceeds 85%, we can think of them as “100% cotton” socks;

Cotton yarn is the oldest material, but it does not mean that cotton socks have no shortcomings. Cotton fiber is easy to deform and harden after repeated washing, which is the fundamental reason why socks are easy to shrink and harden after washing. In view of this shortcoming, the new fibers popular in the market recently include “bamboo fiber” and “hemp fiber”, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

“Bamboo fiber” is the material I personally recommend for making socks, and it is also the material used by my “men’s socks” brand in spring and autumn and summer business socks. Because it is a new type of fiber, bamboo fiber socks on the market are generally more expensive than cotton socks. In essence, bamboo fiber should be called “bamboo pulp fiber”, which is a fiber extracted from bamboo after pulping. Compared with cotton yarn, bamboo fiber has better hand feel, better air permeability and water absorption, and will not harden after washing. Bamboo fiber also has disadvantages. First, it is not wear-resistant as cotton socks, which can be properly avoided by improving the weaving process; Second, the pilling phenomenon is relatively serious after friction.

2、 Style

A. Generally, we need to choose a good pair of “business socks” for work. Business socks should be mainly solid in surface color, and white socks should not be worn with formal clothes. It is better not to have patterns, and the main fiber content should be above 85%.The length of sock tube is about 15cm~20cm, and European and American countries have higher requirements for business socks. Chinese people are not used to socks with too long tube, but please note that the length of socks should not expose the leg hair when crossing the legs, otherwise it is a reflection of lack of etiquette.

B. As a gift, the style and packaging of socks can be more innovative and unique, with bright colors. If it is just a holiday, such as Christmas, you can also customize socks that echo the holiday, and then add your own brand logo.Having access to the design team that can create models will make it easier for you to choose the design you really like. Before you complete your purchase, please make sure you are 100% satisfied with the design and choose the one you really like.

C. Socks for special purposes, such as medical socks specially customized for diabetics and socks specially customized for golf, should pay more attention to the quality and functionality of socks. It is better to choose an old brand supplier with years of experience in socks, and if necessary, the supplier can provide relevant certificates.

3、 Details for judging a pair of socks

Is the ingredient label clearly written? Is there an executive standard? Whether there is a unified commodity bar code stipulated by the state: generally, socks with national standard commodity bar codes will not have false or disorderly labeling of ingredients, which will be fined if found out. If a pair of socks do not even have ingredients or bar codes, be careful.

Whether the sock head is sewn manually: the sock is a barrel structure after getting on and off the machine. The sock head needs to be sewed with thread to form a pocket, and the prototype of the sock will come out. When sewing head, there are two methods in the industry: “manual eye sewing head” and “machine sewing head”. The former is an ancient method. It is purely manual to align each stitch of the sock, and then pull off the excess thread head. In this way, after sewing, the stitches can hardly be seen.

There is no overlap between the two layers of cloth, which is butt jointed and connected into one piece. It will be more comfortable to wear. The latter, like a sewing machine, combines two pieces of cloth and sews them with a thread in the middle. To judge whether a pair of socks are sewn by hand, just touch the seam of the sock head with your hand. If there is a protruding stem, it is the machine sewing head. Otherwise, it is the manual sewing head.
The reason why this detail is mentioned is that the cost of labor is getting higher and higher, and the manual eye sewing requires high vision of workers. People over a certain age have poor vision, so they can’t do this job. Those who can afford to sew heads by hand are basically high-end socks.

4.Send sample

After the early communication, we will make samples and send them to you for reference. If you have any problems in the future, you can also actively communicate with us, so that our factory can make more accurate changes in details, including the size, the customer’s sense of self comfort, and so on. Remember, fit is a very subjective concept, so our standard for fit must be that customers feel comfortable and comfortable. Socks, as our personal clothes, should always put comfort first.

There are many logo-making processes, we can offer the right logo-making solution for you based on your budget, MOQ, and product materials.Our design team will offer you multiple solutions and help you find a factory to complete them with a good price.If you are interested in customized socks, please don’t hesitate to contact us .WIN@TEX will be happy to answer for you.


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