China Slipper Sock Manufacturer: Detailed Intorduction of Slipper Socks

As the weather gradually turns cold, in medicine, feet are the second heart of people, connecting our viscera. The feet are well kept warm, and the body is not easy to feel cold. If the feet are cold, the body is easy to catch a cold. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a pair of comfortable and warm slipper socks suitable for indoor wear. People’s demand for slipper socks is also growing due to the weather, so how to choose the most suitable slipper socks? As a manufacturer of socks, we will comprehensively analyze the material selection, process and style for you.

What are slipper socks?

Slipper socks, as the name implies, are generally worn on the indoor floor as a kind of socks instead of shoes. With these soft slipper socks, your feet can wear a very comfortable sweater, which is both warm and convenient. Slipper socks are suitable for entertaining guests. Compared with heavy slippers, they are cheaper and more convenient, and do not occupy space.

It is also suitable for children’s amusement park or trampoline park, playing the role of anti-skid and protecting children’s delicate feet, and avoiding damage to amusement equipment caused by wearing shoes. Some special yoga slipper socks are specially suitable for indoor yoga of yoga lovers.

The most suitable material for making slipper socks

Unlike ordinary socks, traditional slipper socks are generally woven with special yarns, such as acrylic yarn and polyester yarn. There are many weaving methods for slipper socks, such as twill yarn, chenille yarn, Taihu down yarn, feather yarn, air jet yarn, etc. The feel and weaving effect of different yarns are also different. According to the different thickness, it can also be divided into double-layer socks and single-layer socks to meet the needs of different customers. According to seasons and different environments, floor socks can also be made of coral wool, cotton, wool, etc.










Nowadays, with the popularity of floor socks, many styles have been extended, which are suitable for all ages and various occasions. It adds a touch of color to home life. From infants to teenagers to adults, it can meet the needs of people of different ages and is also popular with consumers. It is ideal for relaxing at home day or night.









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