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Are you looking for gift ideas for Children’s Day? It’s not easy to find the perfect gift, Maybe most parents will prepare toys for their children, but at the same time, preparing a pair of socks will warm your children’s hearts for weeks and years to come. As a professional sock supplier, after data analysis and market research, we’re going to share some tips on how to choose socks and some great ideas for Children’s Day gifts.


Why choose socks as a gift

Socks are essential items for children all year round, especially in autumn, winter, and spring. Its existence has played a great role. With its assistance, children’s little feet will no longer be attacked by the cold wind; And there is no need to worry about the child wearing shoes barefoot, which will cause skin abrasion and other problems on his little feet.

Although there are so many advantages to wearing socks for children, it is very difficult to choose good and comfortable socks from a large number of socks; You know, if you don’t choose the right socks, it’s definitely a sweet burden for children; It will make the baby have foot diseases such as sweaty feet and smelly feet.



How To Choose the Best Socks for Children

There are various styles of socks to choose from on the market, but how do you choose the best one which the children really like and suit them? How do you find the perfect socks for kids? Here are a few things to consider:

Gender: For boys, most of them like sports, so it’s a good idea to have a pair of sports socks that are comfortable, soft, sweat-absorbing, and breathable. Like sports socks for most sports, ski Socks and soccer Socks are designed for specific sports. You can choose Marvel, or Sesame Street as a theme that all boys like. Their interests can help narrow your choices to help you find a gift they’ll love. What’s more, choose colors that boys will like: blue, green, or dirt-resistant black.

For girls, lace, floral, bow, and other elements are very attractive to girls, so parents can choose from this aspect. The patterns on the socks can also add Disney princesses, cute animals, and so on.  Girls like to wear short skirts, so knee socks are the best match for warmth and beauty. And a  pair of ankle socks which give you the no-sock look would be something girls would love.

Age: It’s always a problem to choose age-appropriate socks. Here’s what we gave to different age groups.

Infant sizes(0~2): Babies at this stage before toddling can only lie on the bed, turn over, sit, and do not have the ability to stand and walk. So, soft and comfortable cotton socks are the first choice. When your baby likes to run around the house, it’s a good idea to wear a pair of grip socks, so you don’t have to worry about freezing your feet or slipping. (But non-slip socks are not recommended)

Soldiers and kids (2~6): This period of children are more naughty and active, often jumping up and down, so also want to wear appropriate socks, to avoid the baby’s foot discomfort. Children’s socks are better to choose because this period of the baby’s foot length change gap is not very large, generally about 15~20cm, so it is relatively easy to choose the right socks.

Standard kids sizes(7~14): In this age group, the body and feet develop faster, and the length of feet changes greatly, especially for those aged 12 and above. Therefore, it is necessary to change socks suitable for them from time to time, so as not to affect the blood circulation and development of children’s feet if socks are too tight. Or because the size is too small to cause socks easily broken.

Big child  (14~ 100++): Everyone is still a naive child at heart, so also prepare a pair of socks full of childishness and playfulness for yourselves on children’s Day. If you already have children, you can wear matching socks with them which can get people’s attention when you go out.



Top Children’s Day Gift Ideas

Now that you have a better idea of how to choose socks, let’s take a look at some of the top gift ideas for Children’s Day.

 Quarter socks

These wholesale quarter socks come up just above the ankle bone and touch your shins.

They work well for mid- or high-top shoes to protect your ankles from chafing.

Excellent for running, biking, walking, and more.

Feature: Expels odor & absorbs moisture, Provides thermal insulation, Machine washable, air dry.

Crew socks

The stretch cotton is made with extra soft, premium ringspun cotton and a spandex/elastic blend for a better fit and improved durability that Is ensured to stay in place on your leg without the worry of it falling down.

Feature: the fabrication plush crew socks feature soft and fuzzy fabric for a comfy feel, but best of all, The socks have graduated compression to improve circulation in the legs and reduce foot fatigue.

They are the most popular sock type because they can be worn with almost anything. And the length of the socks also allows for more patterns and design space.

Custom Socks

They’re special. Design & Size & Package can be customized for you. Your child will receive a gift that no one else has, and it has more meaning because it’s personalized. One unique and fun gift idea is custom socks. You can add your own design and personalize your socks in any way you want. Some design ideas can be Logos or patterns that mean something to the person, Your favorite color, and so on.


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