Can Socks and Clothing Be Washed Together?

Washing clothes is a daily thing. When the weather is cold, the clothes are changed less frequently, but now the temperature is gradually rising and sweating is becoming more and more frequent, so the clothes should be washed and changed frequently To reduce the growth of bacteria and possible infections. A long time ago, laundry was hand-washed one by one, but now that there are washing machines, many people will wash their clothes together for convenience. Which method is the correct way to wash clothes? Let’s discuss it together.


In the eyes of many people, clothes and socks cannot be washed together, especially close-fitting clothes and socks, while some people think that no matter what kind of clothes they wear, they are not Nothing is clean or not, and there is nothing to wash together. In fact, this idea is wrong. Although socks are also close-fitting clothing on the body, they mainly protect the feet, while the close-fitting clothing of underwear and underwear mainly protects the “special parts” of the body, which also belong to individuals. of private objects.



Many people think of bacteria when they mention intimate clothing because this clothing will constantly be contaminated with metabolites from the body, especially women. If they are not replaced and cleaned in time, a bacterial infection is likely to occur, which can cause serious diseases. . Socks are much dirtier than close-fitting clothes, because the feet are the part of the body that secretes the most sweat glands, and they are more susceptible to sweat soaking. At the same time, the soles of the feet also support various body movements every day. Staying in the shoes for a long time will cause the air If there is no circulation, the smell of socks will naturally be unpleasant, especially for some people who like to sweat their feet. After a day, the smell can be said to be “suffocating”, so socks are actually more dirty than other clothes.


Is there any difference between washing clothes and socks separately and washing them together?

The cleanliness of cleaning is not enough: In the past, hand washing was basically used, so that every piece of clothing could be taken care of and the cleanliness of the clothing could be kept as much as possible. Now the common use of washing machines makes life more convenient, while the clothes on the body It is a relatively large object, white socks and underwear are relatively small. If they are washed together, these small objects may not be washed cleanly.

May cause bacterial infection: Whether it is socks or other clothes, they are in the same air every day, and there are more bacteria in the air. These clothes are not only stained with external bacteria but also some metabolic wastes on the body are also easily stained In clothes, especially close-fitting clothes if these clothes are washed together, the bacteria on the socks are easy to contaminate the close-fitting clothes, which may cause bacterial infection and cause greater safety problems.



If you wash clothes and socks together, there may be two situations, which may easily cause safety problems. Washing clothes separately can minimize the risk of bacterial contamination and maintain a certain degree of cleanliness. Finished clothes are not only clean but also more hygienic.


What problems should I pay attention to when washing clothes?

Do regular cleaning of the washing machine

The development of science and technology has made our lives more convenient. Every household has a washing machine. Not only do you not have to worry about manpower, but you can also save your own time. When using a washing machine, many people will finish the washing and will not clean the washing machine. This method is easy to contaminate the washing machine with more bacteria. If it is not cleaned up on time, it is easy to be contaminated with clean clothes that have been washed next time, causing safety problems. Therefore, after using the washing machine for a period of time, it is necessary for Good cleaning can reduce the appearance of bacteria and fungi.


Wash your own clothes and other people’s clothes separately

Many people in life have different working environments or things they come into contact with, so the types of bacteria on clothes may also be quite different. Some people have good resistance, and bacteria are not easy to affect their health. Some people have poor physical fitness. If they accidentally get bacteria, it may cause safety problems. In order to ensure the health of themselves and their families, the best way is to wash personal clothes separately, which can minimize the mutual infection of bacteria and prevent the Breeding of bacteria and fungi in clothing.



After washing clothes, be sure to pay attention to the sun

A humid environment is easy to breed bacteria, especially in a non-ventilated environment, the bacteria in the cleaned clothes are relatively small. If they cannot be dried in time, such clothes are easily contaminated with bacteria in the air, and the sun is It can play a sterilizing effect. After washing, the clothes must be dried before wearing, which can reduce the number of bacteria and mites in the clothes and maintain good health.

Although washing clothes is a trivial matter, it can affect the health of the body. If you want to be healthier, it is best to pay attention to the above conditions and do daily protection in time to reduce the breeding of bacteria, especially close-fitting underwear Be sure to wash it separately from the socks, which is more safe and hygienic.


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