Can Compression Socks Really Improve Running Speed?

With the upsurge of running in recent years, compression equipment also has become popular in runners. More and more runners begin to wear all kinds of compression leg covers or compression socks when running. Laymen who be not expert in running may think that the runners are trying to look good and pretend to be cool. But for runners, compression socks are not for viewing, and their sports protection function should not be underestimated.

Compression Socks

Origin of compression socks

In fact, compression socks were not originally designed for running, but were first used for treatment.

Compression socks (medical) have been used in patients with chronic venous insufficiency for decades. Through the gradient pressure from bottom to top, and from large to small, they can improve venous blood reflux and reduce lower limb swelling and thrombosis.


In sports, the purpose of compression equipment design is to use gradient elasticity to improve running performance and accelerate recovery. Although there are still controversies about the compression equipment, a considerable part of the research shows that the compression equipment does have a certain effect.

Compression Socks

Pressure ratio of each part of compression socks


In any case, this can not stop the love of sports experts for it, and it has gradually become an essential equipment for running or various sports. For example, in the marathon or triathlon in recent years, many champions ran the whole course wearing compression socks.


What are the benefits of running with compression socks?

Relieve exercise pain

Runners who use compression socks lose less muscle strength during their runs. The runners who did not wear compression socks had a decrease in vertical jumping ability after running; However, runners wearing compression socks have improved their jumping ability, which means that their muscles still have some potential explosive power.

Compression Socks

Improve your running efficiency

The endurance of runners wearing compression socks is higher than that of runners without compression socks. But in addition to the effect of compression socks, it is also due to the increase of oxygen uptake. However, it can still be concluded that compression socks can fix muscles, enhance the ability of nerves to fine tune muscles, reduce muscle vibration, avoid additional energy loss, and improve running movements and efficiency.

Reduce running heart rate

In terms of the maximum heart rate, the heart rate of the runners wearing compression socks was slightly lower when running at the speed of 5 kilometers before exhaustion. Therefore, wearing compression socks can properly prevent tachycardia.

Beautiful and make shank slim

Compression socks have a variety of colors and patterns. Our company has also designed a variety of compression socks for you who love running. Wearing them will make you become a beautiful scenery among all the people. After wearing compression socks, it looks like the lower legs are indeed thinner. This is because the human tissue is elastic. After being compressed by external forces, the natural volume becomes smaller, making our legs line more smooth.

Compression Socks

Can compression socks improve your running performance?

Based on the scientific research data with different results, the consistent view on whether the compression equipment can improve the performance is that the compression equipment can not really effectively improve the performance. You can’t run without a pair of compression socks. You can expect to run a marathon with a pair of compression socks. Therefore, it can’t give you a driving force to move forward.


To sum up, compression socks can not make the calf thinner. Only exercise can make the calf thinner. Compression socks play a limited role in improving sports performance. It is not very useful to hope to improve the pace through compression socks. The usefulness also comes from psychological effects. Compression equipment plays a more positive role in delaying fatigue, eliminating muscle pain and promoting fatigue recovery. For mass runners, it is recommended to wear a pair of compression socks when running a marathon.


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