A Must-Have for Women——Silk Stockings Which Make Women More Confident and Elegant


When it comes to silk stockings, what I think must be the unique sexiness of girls. The partly hidden and partly visible charm is the most tantalizing, and the silk stockings which cover women’s sexy legs all the year-round always make men fall into a reverie.

The story of silk stockings

Can you believe it? The silk stockings were originally intended for men. As early as the 16th century in Europe, silk stockings swept the whole upper-class society. Both European kings and nobles at that time regarded wearing silk stockings as “a symbol of beauty”.


silk stockings

▲ Louis XIV and his stockings


However, for ordinary women in the last century, not everyone can afford it because the price is too expensive. Silk stockings have become a luxury pursuit. However, this can not stop women’s fascination with beauty, so European women began an alternative fashion journey “shaving their legs, tanning their legs, and painting stitches, pretending to wear a beautiful silk sock”.


silk stockings


With the passage of time, although silk stockings are no longer a luxury, women’s love for them remains undiminished For Marilyn Monroe, “silk stockings brought her dream into reality.” As the lawyer’s little lover named Angela in <The Asphalt Jungle>, although she only appeared for less than 15 minutes, she still made many people remember this sexy goddess with her off-shoulder dress and transparent black silk stockings. And she gradually gained a foothold in the film industry from a supporting role.


silk stockings


For Chanel, silk stockings are a symbol of women’s freedom Gabrielle Chanel, the mother of French fashion who set off a revolution in women’s simple dressing with a small black dress, once formulated an iron rule for women: Don’t go out without wearing silk stockings, don’t go out without wearing a hat. For delicate women, “silk stockings are a kind of elegance and sentiment”.

The mission of silk stockings is to make you more confident

Silk stockings have become a mission. Whether you want to grow from immature to mature, or go into the workplace and work bravely to realize your dreams, the mission of silk stockings is to make you more confident and elegant. So how should we choose suitable silk stockings? Next, I will introduce the material of silk stockings.


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Material of silk stockings

Nylon stockings: they have been popular for half a century because of their high strength, good wear resistance, and good elasticity.

Cored silk: it is a popular raw material for silk stockings in the market. It refers to the spandex cored silk-wrapped or wound on the spandex silk. The stockings are woven with cored silk not only have the soft characteristics of nylon silk but also have the advantages of the high elasticity of spandex.

Velvet stockings: all the raw materials are made of one-way core-spun yarn or two-way core-spun yarn. The knitted stockings have high elasticity, soft hand feel, and fine transparency and are better than nylon stockings. They are visually elegant, durable and wear-resistant, a little matte, and warm.

Ultra-thin velvet Socks: they are made of high-tech ultra-fine fiber full elastic silk that is softer than hair. The texture is dense and fine, and the touch is as smooth as silk. They are crystal clear and have good air permeability.

Tactel: high tech polyester amine fiber, which is soft to touch, good in air permeability, and comfortable to wear. The fabric made of it is fine, breathable, soft, comfortable, and wrinkle resistant. The fabric is shiny, and the clothes are new day by day.

Lycra: a new type of fiber, which can be easily stretched and recovered, but can cling to the human body surface. It has little binding force on the human body. A little Lycra is added to the knitwear, which is both fit and comfortable. It can stretch freely on the body and move with you. The elasticity, resilience, color, and air permeability of Lycra socks will be better.


silk stockings silk stockings silk stockings


Combed cotton: it uses a comber to comb the fiber during the processing of the cotton fiber, and almost completely removes all kinds of impurities in the fiber. The fabric spun with this kind of cotton will feel better.

Mercerized cotton: refers to the mercerizing process of raw cotton fiber in concentrated alkali solution under certain tension conditions. The mercerized cotton fiber has the advantages of better gloss, more comfortable hand feel, and relatively less wrinkle than its raw cotton fiber on the premise that other physical index properties do not change.

Nano antibacterial Socks: with the characteristics of small size and large specific surface area, they will have excellent compatibility with other materials, and can fully transmit and display their unique functions in the same materials. Safe, non-toxic, good heat resistance, good hand feel, and washability.


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