10 Points to Consider When Selecting Chinese Sock Suppliers

To select a sock supplier, you should first select the products provided by suppliers in the market. Since the materials that meet certain product functional requirements are not the only ones, and there are many alternative schemes.Therefore, in the comparison of many schemes, according to the functional cost analysis, a scheme that can not only meet the functional requirements but also achieve low cost can be obtained.

Of course, other factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a sock supplier, such as product quality, supply capacity, price, delivery time, reputation, supplier strength, after-sales service and other factors. To ensure the selection of sock suppliers that are truly suitable for their needs, establish a relatively stable supply and demand relationship, and ensure the maximization of interests.

1.Product quality

The quality of raw materials provided by the supplier and its corresponding technical level are important factors for the selection of the purchaser. The supplier must have a good and stable goods production process and standards, and configure a quality control system to ensure its continuity.

2.Supply capacity

Supply capacity, equipment and production capacity, technical force, management and organization capacity and operation control of potential suppliers(for example, textile and clothing quotas held by suppliers). These factors are designed to consider the quality of materials required by the supplier.The capability of quantity and the ability of suppliers to provide relevant services continuously and stably.

3.Enterprise reputation

Reputation is the image of a supplier when performing business. Including the goods themselves, business style, management level and reputation.A satisfactory supplier should be selected to lay a solid foundation for ensuring the completion of procurement tasks.

4.Quality assurance

When raw material products are inspected, it is often difficult to find problems due to unscientific sampling or problems in inspection technology and methods. In the production process, if the raw materials are found to have serious problems, they will often return them and ask for compensation. At this time, we should consider the quality assurance strategy and compensation policy of the other party.

5.Product price

The price of raw materials will affect the cost of final products. It is the main factor in selecting suppliers, but not the most important factor. Overall, quality, reliability and related costs are more important. One of the purposes of procurement is to obtain satisfaction at an appropriate cost, but the price is not necessarily the lower the better.

6.Technical force

The technical strength of raw material suppliers is also a factor to be considered, especially for those large and medium-sized textile and garment enterprises.For manufacturing enterprises. If the raw material supplier can update the product technology and develop and apply the new technology well, the purchaser will benefit immeasurably. At the same time, suppliers who are willing and able to respond to demand changes and accept design changes should be given priority consideration.

7.Financial situation

Generally speaking, the funds for purchasing raw materials are relatively large, and they are not paid on delivery. If the supplier has financial problems,it is likely to require early payment or production suspension. This is unfavorable for long-term procurement.

8.Internal organization

The internal organization and management of suppliers are related to the service quality of suppliers in the future. If the supplier’s internal organization is set up in disorder, it will directly affect the efficiency and quality of procurement, and even affect whether the supply activities can be completed in time and with high quality due to the contradictions between the supplier departments. In addition, whether the supplier’s senior executives regard the purchasing unit as the main customer is also an important factor affecting the supply quality. Otherwise, they will not be able to obtain the opportunity to deal with emergencies.

9.Supplier geographic location

Geographical location is the direct factor of procurement cost. The location of the supplier has an impact on the delivery time, transportation cost, response time of emergency orders and urgent services. In addition, from the perspective of supply chain and zero inventory, under the same conditions, we should try our best to select suppliers close to each other.

10.After service

After sales service is the continuation of procurement work and an important aspect to ensure the continuity of procurement. The general after-sales service includes the provision of parts, technical consultation, maintenance and repair, technical lectures, training and other contents. If the after-sales service is only a formality, the selected suppliers can only cooperate and cooperate in a short time, and cannot become a strategic partnership.


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